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Eat more If you want your child has a perfect smile, do not make him rub his teeth. Let soon plenty of eats! such a paradoxical recommendation to fit on the basis of the latest studies of North American dentists

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The absence of teeth in old age is associated with considerable increase in the risk of dementia

The absence of teeth in old age is associated with considerable increase in the risk of dementia The staff of the Royal and University College London analyzed with 4000 men and women aged over 65 years. Of these 2.443 people live in their homes, and 1569 – in nursing homes. Radically missing teeth in 40% of the existing free, and in 70% of elderly people at home. In the first group of teeth loss was statistically associated with an increased risk of dementia in 3,76 times. principal study author Dr. Robert Stewart found that the results are very mixed. The fact that the accelerated loss of teeth may indicate that dementia patients simply do not take care of oral hygiene. But at the same time, the order of the oral cavity can also have a direct impact on the brain.

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The structure of the tooth

The structure of the tooth Anatomy and histology of teeth are extremely remarkable and curious. Every tooth consists of a root, a neck and crown. The root of the tooth is individually deepening jaw – the socket. The main function of the root – fixing the tooth to the jaw with a powerful ligaments. The cervix separates the root of the tooth crowns and a powerful tooth is under the gingival margin. The cervix begins where the shell ends enamel. Crown of the tooth normally be issued over the edge of the gums. Crown covered with enamel – very strong, chewing part of the tooth. In the crown of tooth is teeth, what goes into a root canal. In the cavity of the tooth is loose fabric – dental pulp, some fill in as the crown and the root share of dental cavities. In the pulp are blood vessels and nerves.

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Tablets destroy teeth

Tablets destroy teeth Australian scientists and doctors say: excessive drinking drugs leads to deterioration of teeth and inflammation of the oral cavity. Most often it concerns young people: children more prone to malign influence of tablets than mature, says Perth Now.

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Causes of bad breath

Causes of bad breath Diseases of teeth and gums (caries, periodontal disease, periodontitis, etc.)
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inflammation of the tonsils,

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